The Formery Space is exploring the most intimate form of creativity. 

Trobbies creates a profound bond between artist and client: each tattoo a refection of both him and them. 
This month, Trobbies has a tattoo pop up in The Formery Space.

He’ll be tattooing customers, and showing a new collection of originals called Trobbies for Sale: where he’s selling his troubles away.
Behind the ink of every artwork is a story. 

Visit The Formery Space from December 12th-30th to see the stories and catch come ink in action.

Trobbies is an illustrator for skin and paper, based in Den Haag.

A child without toys, but with a heart of red plastic. Under the spell of women, but with limited desire. On Sunday the night, on Tuesday the vegetables. Constantly looking for boundaries between dishonest and fair, flaw and vulgar, sexy and obscene.

Trobbies preferably tells stories without a clue, but proves a point. Gloomy and black, but with an eternal smile. Both elegant and easy, but as dishonest as soft. 

Some would say it was written all over him