We are inspired and intrigued by all the little things that life has to offer. 

We seek out the underexposed and the under appreciated ideas that get our creative feelers tingling. The good stuff that deserves to be shared and celebrated. 

The Formery Space is where we can indulge our curiosities; a place of inspiration, beyond the briefs and business demands. It’s where we commune with culture and new ideas.

So from us to you, welcome.


About The Formery

We are an agency where intelligent understanding of human behaviour sparks bold imagination. We call this process ‘creative intelligence’ and  it helps us forge better bonds between businesses and people.

About the Space

Whether it’s an exhibit, event or workshop, The Formery Space is where people come together over new ideas and form fresh perspectives. Our doors are wide open to kindred collaborative spirits.

Creative Notes

Our curiosity takes us right across the creative spectrum. Here are our notes on the places we find ourselves.

From storytellers and explorers to inventors and makers, The Formery Space fosters a wider appreciation for diverse forms of creativity. 

If you want to get in touch, email us here.